Support & Service Contracts
Our Technical Support department facilitates preventive maintenance for Computer hardware and Operating Systems and Application software on contact basis.
Under these contracts we;
Attend to your faulty IT equipment in the shortest possible time – Usually under 3Hrs BUT NO MORE THAN 24 HOURS
Repair/replace defective components WITHIN 24 HOURS of diagnosis
Carry out scheduled preventive maintenance and service on your computers as per the schedule above including;
1. Thoroughly blowing and cleaning all systems
2. Optimizing computer settings so the systems work efficiently
3. Run antivirus updates and scans.
4. Reinstall/ repair defective programs
5. Test and ensure you connect to your network and all your resources flawlessly.
Preventive Maintenance will be conducted at an interval of 90 days period hence a total of four visits in a year for hardware and software and when contacted as and when contacted.
Defective equipment still under warranty will be returned to the supplier for necessary warranty procedures. During a down time resulting from warranty procedure, we MAY at the request of the client provide replacement machines on a rental basis, charges of which may be negotiated by both parties.